The Biercée Distillery is drawing inspiration from its 70 years’ experience in distilling herbs, plants and fruits to develop the first Belgian fruity bitter: Biercée Bitter! This drink takes its bitterness from the careful distillation of gentian, Seville oranges and angelica, supplemented by roasted cocoa beans and coffee specifically roasted for the Distillery. Its fruitiness comes from a clever combination of citrus and fresh red fruits. And so the master distillers have created a totally natural and harmonious bitter that is perfectly balanced.

Love of Bitter

There’s no doubt about it: Belgians are mad about bitter flavors. Just think of ‘his’ fondness for hoppy beers, ‘her’ chocolate mania and ‘our‘ collective rage for Belgian endives. Not to mention their passion for coffee and Gin & Tonic! So there’s a clear culinary preference for bitterness and yet to date, Belgian producers have not had a strong tradition of making ‘bitter’, the aromatic spirit based on plants and fruit traditionally served as an aperitif. However, all that is changing now …

Eccentric Chic

The Biercée Bitter bottle has been designed to highlight the drink in all its simplicity. The pure, clean lines further enhance the bright red colour! The subtle decoration is a wink to the Belgian history of Art Deco, while the oh, so typical surrealism is reflected in the figures on the inside of the bottle. Or is that at the back? The anthropomorphic characters are gradually revealed as the bitter is poured out. Who or what are you today? A wolf in a suit or an elegant hind?

  • Biercee Bitter O'Clock

    Serving Biercée Bitter as a traditional aperitif with soda or orange juice is an obvious option. To add a trendy touch, why not serve it with a premium-quality tonic? With an alcohol percentage of 20 %, Biercée Bitter is ideal for your summer drinks, too. Try it with lemonade or in the famous SPRITZ cocktail. Retro but on-trend cocktails such as NEGRONI, LE BOULEVARDIER and AMERICANO acquire an extra sparkle when based on this 100% Belgian bitter.

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  • Americano

    40 ml Biercée Bitter
    40 ml Sweet or Red vermouth
    Sparkling water or Club Soda

    Pour the Biercée Bitter and the vermouth into a tumbler filled with ice. Give it a quick stir then add the soda water. A generous splash should do the trick. For the finishing touch to this great classic, give a quick squeeze of lemon peel over the glass.

  • Biercée Bitter Citron

    50 ml Biercée Bitter
    150 ml lemonade or limeade

    In this variant of the Spanish classic sumerdrink “Tinto de Verano”, Biercée Bitter replaces the traditional red wine and adds an extra zing. Mix the Biercée Bitter, lemonade and a handful of ice cubes in a thick glass. Stir vigorously and decorate the cocktail with a slice of lemon.

  • Biercée Bitter & Tonic

    50 ml Biercée Bitter
    Premium tonic of choice

    Fill a large wine glass with ice. Add the Biercée Bitter and top up with tonic. (A good basic guideline is 1 measure of Bitter for 2 measures of tonic.) Give a quick stir and garnish with a slice of lemon.

  • Biercée Bitter with white wine

    60 ml Biercée Bitter
    15 ml triple sec
    100 ml dry white wine

    Mix the Bitter and the triple sec in a wine glass half filled with ice. Add the white wine and give it a quick stir. Serve with 2 orange quarters.

  • Le Boulevardier

    30 ml Biercée Bitter
    45 ml Maker’s Mark bourbon
    30 ml Sweet or Red vermouth

    Mix all the ingredients for 15 seconds with ice in a mixing glass. Strain the cocktail into a pre-chilled glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

  • Garibaldi (also known as “Bitter and O.J.”)

    60 ml Biercée Bitter
    100 ml fresh orange juice

    You’ll be surprised by the modern twist to this great bitter aperitif classic. Pour the Biercée Bitter and orange juice into a Collins glass (or a wide, long glass) filled with ice. Stir well and serve with an orange quarter.

  • Biercée Negroni

    30 ml Biercée Bitter
    30 ml Biercée Less is More GiN
    30 ml Sweet or Red vermouth

    Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice cubes. Stir well for 15 seconds. Serve in a tumbler or an Old Fashioned glass filled with fresh icecubes. Garnish with a orange twist.

  • Sbagliato (“I made a mistake” in Italian)

    30 ml Biercée Bitter
    30 ml Sweet or Red vermouth

    This neo-classical cocktail was created by mistake when a barman accidentally replaced the gin with prosecco while preparing a Negroni. One mistake which turned into a real success! Mix equal measures of Biercée Bitter and red vermouth in a tumbler filled with ice, then top up with the prosecco. Give a quick stir and serve with a twist of orange.

  • Biercée Spritz

    40 ml Biercée Bitter
    15 ml Elderflower Syrup
    90 ml Sparkling wine
    A splash of sparkling water or Cuba Soda
    1 Orange Slice

    Crush the orange slice in the glass, add Bitter Biercée and elderflower syrup. Fill the glass with ice and add a dash of soda water. Finish with Prosecco (3 doses Prosecco for 2 doses Bitter). Garnish with a slice of orange,raspberries and a fresh mint sprig